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Would you like to be a guest blogger on Mom’s Hearth? Well, it’s fast and easy and can get your site a quality backlink and some traffic! Simply use the form below to submit your article.

Opportunity: If you would like to be a *regular* contributor (ie: 2 or more articles a month), please contact us and we will set you up an author account on our blog. Please only do this if you plan to REGULARLY contribute articles. All articles are still subject to our guidelines, but regular contributors will have a featured author bio in the sidebar of all of their articles and will get priority posting. In the meantime, please feel free to use the form below to submit an article now!

IMPORTANT: We do NOT accept articles which are part of a paid backlink building campaign. You must be promoting your own website and not the products or website of another.

Quick sidenote! Would you like to collaborate further? Explore ideas and ways that we could work together to improve both of our sites and businesses? Follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook, or link with me on Linked In and let’s talk!

Of course there are a few rules to submit articles – Please READ THEM carefully if you want your article published!

1. No illegal or offensive content.

2. The article must be your own – stolen content will be reported to the copyright owner.

3. Article must be unique and QUALITY. If we find it all over the net, it will not be published here. If we find it later all over the net, it will be removed from this site.

4. You are allowed ONE link within your article to your own site and a short (2-3 sentence) bio at the end of your article with one link. IMPORTANT – PLEASE put your keyword(s)/phrases and the url you want them linked to BELOW THE ARTICLE BODY so that we can be sure to get your links correct. If you do NOT do this, you may not end up with your links in the article!

5. Article MUST be a recipe or on a cooking, baking or home/kitchen tip or topic – no exceptions.

6. Article must be informative and accurate – if you write an ‘infomercial’, it will not be approved!

7. Article must be clear, concise and grammatically correct. It must also be a QUALITY article that our readers would find informative and useful.

8. The article MUST INCLUDE:

  • Your name and email (email won’t be visible to site visitors) or article will not be approved.
  • The url of where you have placed a link to Mom’s Hearth. Please put a link to the Mom’s Hearth Blog ( somewhere on your site or in your blog roll – we would really appreciate it!
  • Your keyword(s)/phrases and the url you want them linked to (remember, 1 allowed in body, 1 allowed in bio) BELOW THE ARTICLE BODY so that we can be sure to get your links correct. If you do NOT do this, you may not end up with your links in the article!
  • Your bio – 2 or 3 sentences – can include one link.

9. Although we will submit your article page to several social media sites after it is published, we HIGHLY recommend that you come back and use the buttons on the post to ‘like’ your article, tweet about it and submit it to your favorite social sites. It will do nothing but help both of us by increasing page rank (and therefore the quality of your backlink) and making it more visible to people who would want to visit your site.

10. The links in your article AND in your bio MUST relate to food, home and kitchen tips, cooking or baking!

11. Our sister sites which accept guest articles:

We reserve the right to refuse to publish any article that doesn’t meet our quality standards. Ok, if you’ve got all that, please go ahead and submit your article!


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